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Cultivate Awareness. Inspire Action.


A knowledge of oneself, and the cultural and contextual aspects of the work environment, is the first step towards making intentional choices that allow us to be more effective and efficient in our careers and lives.  This knowledge is the catalyst for sustainable change.

Gloss Consulting is dedicated to helping organizations optimize their most valuable asset- their people.  As an organizational effectiveness expert, Gloss Consulting partners with leaders, teams, and systems to create customized solutions that are agile and sustainable.


Meet Erica

Erica is an executive coach, workshop facilitator, speaker, and organizational consultant who holds over 18 years of experience in the corporate and non-profit sectors providing effective change solutions through leadership development, action-oriented executive coaching, capacity building, and training. 


With a deep understanding of the dynamics affecting both the individual and the organization, Erica is known for having a heightened sense of awareness and keen ability to see a situation from all angles to help facilitate the implementation of truly sustainable solutions.  

She has worked with multiple hospital systems, pharmaceutical companies, family-owned businesses, government organizations, and charities working at the intersection of people and process. 


Erica has taught as an adjunct professor at Immaculata University in the Organizational Leadership graduate program as well as a teaching assistant at the University of Pennsylvania.  Her article on coaching philosophies and techniques was published in the Journal of Applied Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a Master’s in Organizational Dynamics (MSOD), Erica also holds a certificate in Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting.  She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavioral Science and Law, Magna Cum Laude.


Read Erica's coaching article here:



Erica’s philosophy focuses on helping professionals to bridge the gap between idea and action.  This is centered on exploring unique ways to incorporate the strengths of the individual with the operational needs of the organization.  

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Development and change do not occur in a bubble.  Clients must learn to navigate in a multi-stakeholder environment and propel forward amongst competing commitments, times of uncertainty and ambiguity, and changing goals and roles.  Gloss Consulting helps leaders acquire the appropriate skills to adapt to new landscapes as well as be strong, albeit flexible in order to influence, motivate, and advance the organizational mission while achieving career growth.



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Listen to understand. What's spoken and what's left unsaid. See situations from multiple perspectives.

Collaborate and brainstorm to paint a picture of the future; a vision for what could and should be.

Design and develop a customized and actionable plan that aligns goals and allocates resources 

Implement and reflect on what's working & what's not; continue to refine and measure progress.

Debrief with stakeholders, train leaders and help set the stage for sustainability and replication.


Working Together to Create Dynamic Change


Ready to invest in your workforce?

"Success is when reality catches up to your imagination." ~ Simon Sinek

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