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In any consulting engagement it is important to meet with all stakeholders and understand the interworkings of the environment before initiating a change process.  Gloss Consulting partners with leaders to identify strategic goals and objectives as well as potential barriers to success so that the project design incorporates the necessary resources to obtain sustainable results.  

Below are some key areas of practice; however, carefully designed services and experiences can be crafted that will address strategic goals and help facilitate desired outcomes.


  • Organizational Assessment & Diagnosis

  • Change Management

  • Performance Management & Accountability

  • Team Effectiveness 

  • Process Improvment 

  • Strategic Planning

  • Meeting & Agenda Design

  • Creating a Coaching Culture

  • Succession Planning 

  • Focus Group Facilitation

Noticing the symptoms of cultural misalignment is the first step towards redesigning for organizational effectiveness.  Talent strategy, communication messaging and support, and developing resilience are just a few ingredients necessary to ensure true growth.  Gloss Consulting can help you assess and diagnosis the pain points on your team or within your organization and develop a step-by-step plan to address symptoms and move the needle on positive change.  

"You only begin to understand culture when you try to change it" ~ Ed Schein

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