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Embarking on an executive coaching program is an opportunity to pause, reflect and become more mindful of the elements necessary to be a successful leader within the current and future culture and environment.  It provides the resources to harness creative and innovative ways to inspire others and a chance to use and adapt new behaviors and styles that bring about positive change.

The "GLOSS COACH APPROACH" is based on building capacity within the individual through a process of cultivating awareness around how the leader shows up and how others perceive and receive their behaviors. Once leaders can see the current landscape, together we develop an action plan that is specific and measurable, which becomes the roadmap for where they can lean-in and sharpen their leadership tools.  


Coaching Process

This strengths-based coaching approach utilizes the current skills, competencies and experiences from the leader to help them pivot and grow to create new habits and useful behaviors and choices.  With the support of their coach, leaders will feel empowered to reflect and measure the success of their new habit; determine what to keep and what to shed.  Therefore, all engagements require mutual trust, confidentiality and authenticity to ensure optimal sustainability.


Sustainability Planning

Coaching Exploration & Selection

Measuring for


Action Planning

Data Gather & Assessment

Effective coaching incorporates collaboration, knowledge building, clear goal-setting and accountability.  Each stage of the process includes important milestones for the leader and helps to bring them closer to achieving success, measured by their own ability to "self-coach" or pause, reflect and make productive choices in the moment that further advance their strategy and vision.

"If you change the way you look at things,

the things you look at change."  ~ Wayne Dyer

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